Happy New Year, Mr. Kates! -A curmudgeon, resentful about being placed prematurely in a nursing home, gets more than he bargained for in this poignant film by Professor Emeritus Bob Pondillo.

Based upon the American International Film Festival award winning short/short screenplay by the same name, this feature narrative presents the timeless tale of an underachiever who has been afraid throughout his whole life to take chances, but who in the final moments before one wintry New Year’s Eve takes that one giant leap of faith that gives meaning to his existence. 

Bob’s prior shorts have been screened at Cannes and Happy New Year, Mr. Kates! is poised to be his next breakthrough achievement. 

Writer/Director- Bob Pondillo

executive producer- kelly frey

producer- Gerod ra'del hollyfield

associate producer- justin stokes

music director- Bob Wood

art Director- diana rice

Directors of photograpy- matt pessoni and scott pessoni

casting director- holly allen